UCC Volleyball Club is to 100% run by the students which we are proud of. Several players gather together weekly to make this Club an awesome experience for everyone.

Our highly dedicated coaches have been in the club for years and are highly knowledgeable in the art of training volleyball players. Our beginner and intermediate coaches (Pat, Michal, and the two Piotrs) are alumni of the club and know how to help blossoming players to achieve their potential. Our advanced coaches, Vince and Chloe, have a plethora of experience in high level volleyball and know exactly how to craft dedicated, competition-focused teams to represent the club in the best way possible.

Big Dave, our president, has been a cornerstone of the club since its inception many years ago. He lends his wisdom and experience to the committee in administrative affairs, and also helps out in the coaching of the advanced team. In short, he is like the wise old grandfather of the club!

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