Magnificent Success for Men’s SSI Team


The men’s team had a cracking start in the SSI League on Tuesday the 8th November 2016 with Carlow’s team not having a ghost of a chance. In the end the 3:0 win was well earned despite a slow start in the first set. Many serving errors almost cost the set but it was the individual class that finally decided the set win for UCC with a score of 25:23.  Following this, the second set was a demonstration of power bringing the UCC lads a comfortable 10 point lead. A little struggle at the end of the set gave the brave players from Carlow new hope but they couldn’t turn it around bringing UCC up 2:0 with a score of 25:17. From this point on the defence of Carlow broke apart leading to a confidence boost among the talented UCC players including team captain Janis Agurjanovs. The third set ended with a loud AHOO as the set was taken by UCC with a score of 25:19 deciding the match. Overall it was a grand start for the UCC Men’s volleyball team with room to improve. The guys even learned something new: playing on a fishing net isn’t impossible! For the InterVarsities we hope for the same outcome with spectacular wins for UCC Volleyball: 1,2,3, AHOOOO!